Foam? Natural!

Foam? Natural!

Have you ever wondered if all that beautiful foam that covers your head when you shampoo, or that welcomes you in a soft and candid hug when you immerse yourself in the bathtub is really a pure and purifying thing?

Today we know that not all foam is "good for our skin and the environment". It is good if natural surfactants are used to produce it, derived from renewable raw materials, rapidly degradable and non-irritating for scalp and hair.
It is no good if chemical surfactants are used, potentially irritating to the skin and no-biodegradable. Once they end up in the environment, they remain there irreparably, polluting rivers, soil, seas and creep into the food chain that reaches humans through fish and vegetables.

How surfactants work?
Surfactants are substances that improve the cleaning power of a detergent; these are molecules that have a hydrophilic part, which binds with water, and a part that mixes with fatty substances. In practice and referring for example to personal hygiene, surfactants help to remove particles of sebum, dust, etc. by binding to them and allowing them to be removed by rinsing.

Beware of these acronyms!
• Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) e Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are among the most widespread chemical surfactants… and potentially more irritating to skin and hair because they are definitely aggressive.
• Sodium coco sulfate, Sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, Coco glucoside, Disodium cocoyl glutamate etc. are naturally derived surfactants, respect the skin and its pH and have a very low impact on ecosystems.

LACOSÈR is GREEN, vegetarian & vegan friendly.

All LACOSÈR and LACOVET pet beauty&care detergents are absolutely free of SLES, SLES, SLS and their sanitizing and purifying action is ensured by the synergy between surfactants of natural origin and other beneficial substances, always of natural origin.

What's more: many LACOSÈR and LACOVET pet beauty&care formulations contain an innovative beneficial substance, called OZONVITAL® (ozonized sunflower seed oil | active oxygen), which in contact with the skin is transformed into nascent oxygen, capable of:

  • naturally stimulate and improve the metabolism of the skin;
  • defend the elasticity of skin tissues and fight the effects of aging;
  • develop a prolonged sanitizing and soothing power.